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Hubei Enshi Power Grid - SPYDER DT25

Project:Hubei Enshi Power Grid - SPYDER DT25

Datetime: 2024-01-22     Hits: 606

In the power industry, ensuring the efficient and safe operation of equipment is always a top priority. To enhance the maintenance efficiency of substations, Enshi Power Grid Maintenance Company has recently introduced a SPYDER DT25 spider lift provided by Yac..


TBEA Xinjiang Transformer Company - Sigma16

Project:TBEA Xinjiang Transformer Company - Sigma16

Datetime: 2023-12-05     Hits: 227

TBEA Xinjiang Transformer Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TBEA Group, one of the world's top 500 equipment firms. It represents TBEA's large-scale transformer product export base for the worldwide market in Central and West Asia. The company ca..


Nanjing LIYE Power Transformer Company - Sigma16

Project:Nanjing LIYE Power Transformer Company - Sigma16

Datetime: 2023-11-20     Hits: 786

NANJING LIYE POWER TRANSFORMER CO., LTD specializes in power transformer research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service. Founded in 1970, the company was reformed as a Hong Kong-funded wholly owned enterprise in 2004, with a registered capital of ..


China Baowu Steel Company - SPYDER DT30

Project:China Baowu Steel Company - SPYDER DT30

Datetime: 2019-12-17     Hits: 757

Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation reformed China Baowu Steel Group Corporation (abbreviated as China Baowu), which was announced on December 1, 2016. China Baowu completed a joint reorganization of Magang (Group) ..


Hangzhou Yintai City - Easylift R360

Project:Hangzhou Yintai City - Easylift R360

Datetime: 2019-12-13     Hits: 774

China Yintai Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Yintai Group”) is a department store retailing conglomerate whose primary activity is department store retailing. Yintai Department Store Group aims to achieve chain operation, specialization, and intensification, and combin..


Zhejiang Highway Emergency Response Centre - CELA DT30

Project:Zhejiang Highway Emergency Response Centre - CELA DT30

Datetime: 2019-12-13     Hits: 734

Yacontee provides a vehicle-mounted platform, with the advantages of a compact and small vehicle size to improve the tunnel height limit through the unique negative height of the probe design, which is widely used in bridge inspection and roadbed slope inspect..