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Technical Training

IPAF Professional Training

Yacontee, with years of experience in providing professional training services, is well-versed in a variety of work scenarios. Our service team, taking into account your specific requirements and the diverse experience of the trainees, will tailor-make a training program that meets your needs, ensuring that the training is effectively aligned with practical applications.

Training Content and Process

Yacontee's technical trainers maintain close collaboration with the manufacturers' design offices to ensure that our training programs are updated in real time with the latest technological innovations. Our training covers all aspects from machine operation techniques to maintenance, encompassing both professional knowledge and specialized skill training.

The training process includes:

  1. Interpretation of current standards

  2. Safety instructions

  3. Theoretical tests

  4. Practical operation drills

  5. Simulated practical training

  6. Practical scenario tests


Customized training modules

Upon successful completion, certificates will be issued in accordance with the legislative standards of each country. We also offer 'customized training modules' to meet your specific needs, including adjustments to teaching aids and theoretical content.

Training Program by China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA)

We offer comprehensive training services, including the internationally recognized IPAF training and a China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) certified program tailored for Chinese users. Our training aims to enhance operators' skills and safety awareness, covering the correct use of machinery, safe operating practices, and emergency response measures. These programs not only help improve operators' proficiency with the machinery but also ensure safety and efficiency in the workplace. Our training courses include both theoretical learning and practical exercises, ensuring that participants gain a thorough understanding of the necessary skills and knowledge.