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 Working Height:37 m

 Lift Capacity:450 kg

 Lateral Outreach:19 m

 Dimensions:8.06 X 2.25 X 3.1 m

 Minimun GVW: 7500KG


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  • Product Description

    The DT Truck 37 semicircular working area, combined with exceptional outreach, overreach, and negative reach capabilities, makes it a versatile choice for various applications. Just like our other machines, it comes with an extensive array of accessories to cater to your specific needs. One noteworthy feature is its ability to be mounted on trucks with a low Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), making it exceptionally unique in the industry.

    Notably, it boasts an impressive payload capacity, with 450 kg in the basket and 490 kg on the hook, further enhancing its utility and versatility.


  • Standard Features

    1) The telescopic boom and platform are made of high-strength steel.The telescopic boom neatly houses the power chain, various types of cables and pipes.

    2) All products can be driven by the most economical chassis (two-axis, three-axis or four-axis)

    3) Real-time display of the currently changing workload

    4) The working platform can be rotated 90 degrees flexibly

    5) The system can accurately display the error location

    6) Four ground outrigger support plates for high-altitude vehicle operation

    7) Two types of interchangeable emergency operation equipment

    8) Wireless remote control full automatic support legs and horizontal balance system

    9) Advanced computer control system makes operation more accurate, sensitive and fast

    10) Multiple functional working platforms can be selected to meet different lifting purposes

    11) Two 6.5-inch LCD color screens, which can display all operation information

    12) Optimum height-weight ratio

    13) With a maximum load of 450 kg

    14) The main control panel of the work platform, the sub control panel and the outrigger control panel of the base are clear and easy to see; all panels are sealed and protected from the weather, and have backlighting.

    15) Compact and flexible design, the working platform and extension arm are folded under the main telescopic boom to greatly reduce the transport length

    16) Extended protection system based on geometric design, which can operate freely in various situations without being affected by external factors (such as surrounding environment, temperature, wind speed, slope and collision, etc.)

  • Datasheet

    Model Ruthmann                                            DT TRUCK 37

    Chassis                                                             Qingling

    Working height (m)                                         37

    Maximum horizontal working distance (m)    31

    Crossing height (m)                                         23

    Maximum Safe Working Load (kg)                 450

    Vehicle height (m)                                           3.95

    Vehicle length (m)                                           9.76

    Vehicle width (m)                                            2.5

    Rotation angle (degrees)                                500

    Platform size (m)                                              2.42x0.97x1.1

    Platform rotation angle (degrees)                  180 (90 degrees left and right)

    Support leg                                                      H + H

    Flying arm rotation angle (degrees)               180 (80 degrees up and down)

    Control method:                                             wireless remote control

    Total vehicle mass (T)                                     18

  • Work Diagram