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Portable lift trucks, simple aerial work trucks, simple lift trucks are easy to install Quickly and easily raise the platform to a high place Only one person can be carried The compact size of the Quick Up series allows passing through standard doors

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  • Product Description

    The Quick Up 8 Push-arounds are suitable for all interior projects. Light works on the most delicate grounds. Quick Up 8 is easily transported by hand or hauled by a trailer or vehicle. Their nonmarking tires and rubber stabilizers protect the floor surface. Quick Up 8 can work at heights up to 8 metres.

  • Standard Features
    • Adapted to each project

    • Its lightweight makes it suitable for the most fragile grounds

    • Its compactness enables to go through doors and elevators

    • Its stabilizers with rubber protect the floor surface

    • Easy to use

    • Quick set up by 1 person

    • Transportable on a trailer or a van

    • 4 wheels for easy manual maneuvering

    • Best value for money

    • Minimal maintenance

  • Datasheet
    Working height8.1 m
    Platform height6.1 m
    Lift capacity159 kg
    Platform size0.68 x 0.66 m
    Length1.28 m
    Width0.8 m
    Height - stowed1.98 m
    Width - stabilised1.55 m
    Length - stabilised1.75 m
    Tilt bar2.08 x 0.8 x 1.78 m
    Energy (AC)110 or 230 V
    Weight (AC)340 kg
    Energy (DC)12 V
    Weight (DC)382 kg

  • Work Diagram