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The glass installer SG450 of the Danish Smart Group combines superior lifting capacity and scalability with a unique and compact design. Only with SG450 can you handle heavy elements up to 450 kg, making it possible to pass through rugged terrain and narrow doorways. 

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  • Product Description

    The Danish Smart Group's glass installer SG450 boasts exceptional lifting capacity and scalability while maintaining a unique and compact form. Only the SG450 can handle big elements weighing up to 450 kg, allowing you to navigate over hard terrain and tiny openings. Because of its compact form, the SG450 does not suffer from space constraints such as elevators and balconies. The SG450 is lightweight and can be utilized in areas where heavy construction equipment is not permitted owing to ground pressure.

  • Standard Features
    • Twin wheels-suitable for very rough terrain

    • Support wheels-provide additional stability

    • Lifting forks and hooks-for lifting pallets or belts

    • ·Sling-for lifting SG450 in crane hook

    • Close valve-on suction cup

    • Quick connector-on suction cup or mains

    • Beam extensions-custom beams and main beams

  • Datasheet


    EXTERNAL LENGTH   -----------------------------------  1880 mm                                                              

    EXTERNAL WIDTH    -----------------------------------  890 mm

    TOTAL WEIGHT excl. counterweights      -------------------------  1.025 kg

    TOTAL WEIGHT incl. counterweights      -------------------------  1.300 kg 

    MIN. EXTENSION  (Front bumper to suction cup)   -------------- 700 mm  

    MAX. EXTENSION  (Front bumper to suction cup)   -------------1800 mm

    MAX. LIFTING HEIGHT  (to center of lifting yoke)   ------------- 3600mm

    HYDRAULIC SIDE OFFSET  ---------------------------------------75 mm

    FINE LIFT ON ARM        -----------------------------------------190 mm

    TILT FUNCTION        ---------------------------------------------180°

    HYDRAULIC ROTATION      -------------------------------------180°

    SUCTION CUPS     --------------------------------------------4 X Ø350 mm

    BATTERIES    ------------------------------------------------2 x 150 Ah

  • Work Diagram