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 Working Height:10 m

 Lift Capacity:200 kg

 Lateral Outreach:3.35 m

 Dimensions:2.74x1.2x2.12 m

 Overall Weight:2780 kg

 Brand:ATN Platforms

tel:+86-21-5550 8880

  • Product Description

    Piaf1010 is the latest crawler mast aerial vehicle of French ATN company, following the classic heavy-duty chassis design of the PIAF series. This machine adopts the crawler design, which greatly reduces the pressure on the ground compared with the wheel type, so that the machine can be used on wooden floors. It can also be used easily, and the machine has a crawler design, and it can also easily cross the uneven ground in the wild. The entire machine is designed with pure hydraulic pressure, so the cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of the machine greatly reduce the work intensity of the staff. At the same time, a large-capacity battery is used as a power source, so that the machine can work for a long time. It is a valuable crawler mast aerial vehicle.


  • Standard Features
    • Full hydraulic drive

    • Large-capacity battery drive

    • Uses traceless tracks

    • Extend to 3.35 meters horizontally

    • Extremely low ground pressure

    • Easy maintenance

  • Datasheet
    • Working height:                           10.05 m

    • Platform height:                           8.05 m

    • Carrying capacity:                        200 kg

    • Horizontal extension:                  3.35 m

    • Short arm rotation:                      150 °

    • Fence size:                                    0.8m x 0.93m

    • Rotation angle:                             220°

    • Transport size:                              3.66 mL x 1.2 mW x 1.98 mH

    • Climbing ability:                           20%

    • Total weight:                                 2780 KG

  • Work Diagram