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Project:Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Museum - Spyder365

The Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Museum, an important base for science popularization and a public benefit venue, maintains exceptionally high standards for its equipment selection. Recently, the museum underwent a rigorous process of inspection, selection, and testing, followed by a public tender for a 36-meter telescopic Spider lift. Our company's Spyder365 telescopic Spider lift and our commitment to after-sales service won unanimous approval and support from the jury, marking Yacontee as the winning bidder. This signifies wider recognition in various fields for our company, which is committed to expanding and adhering to our cultural principles of "Integrity, Diligence, Professionalism, and Responsibility," continuously striving to provide more units with safer and more reliable telescopic Spider lift equipment.

Since its inauguration on December 5, 1983, the Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Museum, a key base for autonomous region science education, has organized over 200 various science popularization exhibitions, attracting over two million visitors. It has conducted over 500 training courses, training more than 40,000 students, and hosted over 300 academic conferences for various societies and associations. The museum has served over 200,000 scientific and technical workers participating in various fellowship and fitness activities, playing a significant role in implementing the strategy of revitalizing the region through science and education, popularizing scientific and cultural knowledge, and promoting the construction of socialist spiritual civilization.

The museum houses several departments and facilities, including four exhibition halls, an electronic reading room, classrooms, a small conference room, a multifunctional lecture hall, and a scientists' club. The entire building, covering an area of 1792.3 square meters and a construction area of 7876 square meters, can accommodate 2000 people for various activities.

Currently, the construction of the new museum building is underway. Supported by the China Association for Science and Technology, the autonomous region Party committee, and the government, the museum will soon become a new science and technology museum with outstanding themes, complete functions, and advanced levels. We will continue to organize a variety of scientific activities, promote scientific knowledge to the public, advocate the scientific spirit, cultivate scientific thinking and innovation skills, and fully utilize the role of the science popularization venue. 

We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Museum for exchanges and experiences!