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 Working Height:37 m

 Lift Capacity:450 kg

 Lateral Outreach:19 m

 Dimensions:7.53 x 1.5 x 2.0 m

 Overall Weight:7900 kg


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  • Product Description

    This one-of-a-kind hybrid powerplant combines the benefits of an endothermic engine's dependability with the efficiency of electricity. You may simply switch between four power modes with a single flick of a switch.

    Full Electric: Experience the future with pure electric power while reducing your environmental impact.

    Combining electric and endothermic power maximizes your machine's possibilities.

    Endothermic Engine Charging: Watch as the endothermic engine charges the battery like a generator while it runs, ensuring continuous functioning.

    Plugged-in AC Electric: For those times when you need to stay connected, plug in and turn on, such as within a building for non-polluting work.

    Let us not forget its lifting capacity. The DT Crawler 37 defies expectations. With a weight capacity of 450 kg on the basket and 475 kg on the hook, you'll be able to manage huge items with ease and precision.


  • Standard Features
    • Working height of 37 meters

    • Control system using Can-Bus bus

    • Minimum storage length is 7.63 meters

    • Using DENFOSS wireless remote control system

    • Up to 19 meters horizontally

    • Using high-power gasoline and 220V AC motor as power source

    • Proportional hydraulic control

    • With manual emergency lowering system

    • Easy to repair and maintain

  • Datasheet

    Working height

    37 m

    Lifting height

    25 m

    Lateral outreach

    19 m

    Up and over clearance

    19 m

    Basket size

    2.0 x 0,8 x 1,1 m

    Total length

    7.53 m

    Total width

    1.5 m

    Total height

    2.0 m

    Basket of rotation


    Range of rotation


    Negative work

    -8.5 m

    Ground clearance

    1400 mm

    Basket load

    450 KG

    Travel speed

    1.5 KM/H


    30 %

    Turning radius

    4.3 m

    Overall weight

    7900 kg

    Jacking dimension

    7.2 m×5.2 m



    Platform controls


  • Work Diagram