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 Working Height:29.2 m

 Lift Capacity:200 kg

 Lateral Outreach:14 m

 Dimensions:6.3x0.8x1.98 m

 Overall Weight:3750 kg

 Brand:Falcon lifts

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  • Product Description

    No one beats the Falcon line of crawler lifts when you need to operate at a range of operating heights in a restricted, narrow, or even limited surface pressure field. Within the realm of conventional lifts, the Falcon Series establishes a novel benchmark for the creation of lightweight, compact, and adaptable aerial platforms. It is possible for the FS290 spider lift platform to go through a door that measures 1.98 feet height by 0.8 meters wide.

    Once again positioned as a leader in the technological industry, the Falcon FS290 Spider Lifting Platform is the first and only small wheeled lifter with two 3m long arms (2 x 3m) and automatically set brackets. The basket and stand positions of this lift can be automatically adjusted and operated. This revolutionary design makes it the most secure and convenient of its kind in addition to being stylish. Our acclaimed automatic safety and stability system, which offers the highest level of security, and our special multi-directional outrigger system, which is designed to be used on uneven terrain, are standard features.


  • Standard Features

    • Pressure on the ground when the vehicle is stationary and running: 218Kg / ㎡

    • Equipment distributed load should be: 210Kg / ㎡

    • At the same time, two sets of original outrigger pads are standard.

    • Working slope: 12.26 °

    • Work platform (work platform) load: 200kg, can carry 1-2 people and related working tools (can accommodate more than two workers at the same time and have sufficient space for maintenance tools)

    • Work platform sinking capacity (200kg maximum height): 20mm

    • Traveling speed: 1.5KM / h

    • Using solid trackless tires

    • Control system: The platform and the base have their own independent operation panels, and they are also equipped with a safe and reliable portable controller that operates away from the fuselage.

  • Datasheet
    • Platform height (maximum lifting angle):                                           27.2 m

    • Maximum operating height (maximum lifting angle):                        29.2 m                   

    • Maximum working range (horizontal boom / horizontal extension): 14 m

    • Forearm section: two flying arms, length:                                            7.6 m                    

    • Turntable rotation angle:                                                                      400 °

    • Working platform (working platform) rotation angle:                         180 °                    

    • Machine width (stowage state):                                                            0.8m

    • Machine length (stowage state):                                                           6.3 m                   

    • Machine height (stowage state):                                                          1.98 m

    • Working platform size:                                                                          0.8 mL x 2.0 mW   

    • Climbing ability:                                                                                    10 °

    • Turning radius:                                                                                      3.3 m                    

    • Machine weight:                                                                                    3750 kg

  • Work Diagram