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 Working Height:25 m

 Lift Capacity:230 kg

 Lateral Outreach:12 m

 Dimensions:4.3x0.8x1.95 m

 Overall Weight:2950 kg


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  • Product Description

    CELA's DT CRAWLER25 spider lift is well-known for its compact size, elegant design, and durability. All pipelines are built within the boom, with the Can-bus control system and dual safety sensor protection. Following the system, the entire machine features a double telescopic curved arm design that provides unrivaled advantages in terms of horizontal extension and cross-height. It is an ideal spider car for inside confined spaces. DT CRAWLER25 is currently used in commercial hubs such as stadiums, high-rise office buildings, airports, train stations, and other locations, and it is the most popular spider lift in China.


  • Standard Features
    • Working height up to 25 m

    • Small and flexible, powerful

    • Control system using Can-Bus bus

    • Minimum storage length is 4.1 m

    • Using wireless remote control system

    • Up to 12 m horizontally

    • Using high-power gasoline and 220V AC motor as power source

    • Machine width can be reduced to 0.8 m  and can pass through narrow doorways

    • Proportional hydraulic control

    • With manual emergency lowering system

    • Easy to repair and maintain

  • Datasheet

    Working height

    25 m

    Lifting height

    23 m

    Lateral outreach

    12 m

    Up and over clearance

    14 m

    Basket size

    1,4m x 0,7m x 1,1m

    Total length

    4.3 m

    Total width

    0.85 m

    Total height

    1.97 m

    Basket of rotation


    Range of rotation


    Negative work

    -5 m

    Ground clearance

    0.16 m

    Basket load

    230 KG

    Travel speed

    1.5 KM/H


    30 %

    Turning radius

    3 m

    Overall weight

    2950 kg

    Jacking dimension

    4.8 m×3.6 m


    Engine+Electric motor

    Platform controls


  • Work Diagram