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 Working Height:30 m

 Lift Capacity:225 kg

 Lateral Outreach:15.5 m

 Dimensions:5.27 x 1.2 x 2.29 m

 Overall Weight:5000 kg


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  • Product Description

    Building on the success of the DT Crawler28, this extended version keeps all of the amazing features you love while adding a specialized jib at the end of the second boom for smooth micro-maneuvering at heights.

    The DT CRAWLER30 inherits all of our aerial platforms' well-known features, but it stands out with an extended boom that provides a 2-meter edge for increased reach. This makes it a popular choice among arboriculture, roofing, and painting specialists.

    Robust and Reliable: The DT Crawler 30 meets our high build quality and safety standards. You can rely on it to give constant performance, stability, and safety in all tasks.

    Time and Cost Efficiency: With the DT Crawler 30, jobs that appeared difficult became more manageable, saving you time and resources. Its versatility and precision lead to less production delays and more delighted clients.


  • Standard Features
    • Working height of 30 meters

    • Using advanced Danfoss electro-hydraulic control technology

    • Equipped with a flexible wireless remote control system

    • Can set up legs in three directions

    • Use of high-capacity batteries

    • Auxiliary 220V AC system

    • 360 degree rotation

    • Using seamless solid tires

    • Easy to repair and maintain

  • Datasheet

    Working height

    30 m

    Lifting height

    28 m

    Lateral outreach

    15.5 m

    Up and over clearance

    16 m

    Basket size

    1,8m x 0,7m x 1,1m

    Total length

    5.27 m

    Total width

    1.2 m

    Total height

    2.29 m

    Basket of rotation


    Range of rotation


    Negative work

    -7 m

    Ground clearance

    0.16 m

    Basket load

    225 KG

    Travel speed

    1.5 KM/H


    30 %

    Turning radius

    3.3 m

    Overall weight

    5000 kg

    Jacking dimension

    4.28 m×5.88 m


    Engine+Electric motor

    Platform controls


  • Work Diagram