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 Working Height:10.8 m

 Lift Capacity:200 kg

 Drill Down:2.5 m

 Machine Dimensions:2.45x1.92x0.78 m

 Overall Weight:minimum 800 kg


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  • Product Description

    The 11-meter Spyder produced by Italy Bluelift is suitable for use in the center of a shopping mall. Due to its compact structure and light weight, the minimum weight is only 800 kg, the minimum length of the whole machine is only 2.45 meters, the height is 1.98 meters, and the width is 0.8 meters. Therefore, it can enter the mall's freight elevator and transport it to different floors; the product is powerful and can be used for low-altitude operations at 2.5 meters in the past.


  • Standard Features
    • Removable aluminum basket

    • I-Performing electric pump with automatic start / stop system 

    • 110 or 230V power outlet in the basket

    • Cable remote control for interactive and multilingual display

    • Moment limit Device

    • Automatic center position of turntable

    • Synchronous electro-hydraulic control

    • Track drive for hydraulic crushing system

    • Safety stop and lateral tilt alarm

    • Driving with boom raised (with selector)

    • Outriggers / Swells

    • Emergency stop button for engine stop function

    • Easy emergency lowering procedure

    • Manual pump for platform emergency descent

    • Piston rod of outrigger cylinder fuel tank and emergency controls

    • Modem connection plug for remote diagnostics / software upgrade

    • Production according to EN280 and international safety regulations

  • Datasheet

    Working height

    10.8 m

    Lifting height

    8.8 m

    Lateral outreach

    6.7 m

    Up and over clearance


    Basket size

    1,3m x 0,7m x 1,1m

    Total length

    Max 3.7 m

    Total width

    0.78 m

    Total height

    1.92 m

    Basket of rotation


    Range of rotation



    860 mm

    Ground clearance

    0.16 m

    Basket load

    200 KG

    Travel speed

    1.5 KM/H


    28 %

    Turning radius

    1.8 m

    Overall weight

    minimum 800kg

    Jacking dimension

    2.26 m×2.57 m


    Lithium battery+Electric motor

    Wind speed


  • Work Diagram