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 Working Height:37 m

 Lift Capacity:200 kg

 Lateral Outreach:16 m

 Dimensions:8.1x0.8x1.98 m

 Overall Weight:6900 kg

 Brand:Falcon lifts

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  • Product Description

    The Falcon FS370 spider aerial working platform is a market leader in technology and features two-wheeled spider lift with double arms measuring 3 meters long (2 x 3 m) and dual safety detecting systems. Both the basket and base positions can be used to control this spider aerial working platform. This revolutionary design makes it the most secure and convenient of its kind in addition to being stylish. Our acclaimed automatic safety and stability system, which offers the highest level of security, and our special multi-directional outrigger system, which is designed to be used on uneven terrain, are standard features.


  • Standard Features
    • Facility management

    • Atrium access
    • Narrow access
    • Best quality & safety
    • Double jib system
    • Easy transport & propelling
    • Low weight & ground pressure
    • Need for flexible outrigger
    • Limited setup space
    • Power – Bi-energy Hybrid

  • Datasheet

  • Work Diagram