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 Working Height:22 m

 Lift Capacity:250 kg

 Lateral outreach:2.5 m

 Dimensions:4.52x0.94 x1.97 m

 Overall Weight:2990 kg


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  • Product Description

    The SA22 crawler aerial work platform of the German Ruthmann-Bluelift is distinguished by its high performance data combined with the most compact size in the world's fundamental position. The operator's maximum working height is 22m, and it can travel through a 1-meter-wide aisle. With an aisle height of less than 2m, the crawler aerial work platform can easily pass through any single-wing industrial door, which is unique because competitors always require double doors to access difficult-to-reach locations. SA22 has a significant advantage in aerial work due to its great operability and very modest overall length of about 5.75m.

    22米 SA22

  • Standard Features

    Easily removable aluminium cage and cage rotation

    "i-performing electric pump" (patented) with automatic start/stop system

    230 V power outlet in the cage

    Radio remote control with interactive multi-language display

    Adjustable width tracks with independent axles

    Stabilisers can be set out in three different positions.

    Load limiter

    Automatic turret centring

    Automatic stabilising system

    Automatic motor and engine start & stop and RPM limiter

    Proportional and simultaneous electro-hydraulic controls

    Proportional steering with hydraulic brake system

    Double driving speed with safety controls

    Tilt alarm with safety stop

    Driving at height (with switch)

    Interlock stabilisers/booms

    Emergency stop

    A simple emergency descent system

    A manual pump to descend the platform manually

    Protective plate above the piston rod cylinder, oil tank and emergency controls

    A modem connection on the remote control for diagnostics or software updates

    Conforms to EN 280 and international safety regulations

  • Datasheet

    Working height

    22 m

    Lifting height


    Lateral outreach

    10.9 m

    Up and over clearance

    8.5 m

    Basket size

    1,3m x 0,7m x 1,1m

    Total length

    4.52 m

    Total width

    0.94 m

    Total height

    1.97 m

    Basket of rotation


    Range of rotation



    860 mm

    Ground clearance

    0.16 m

    Basket load

    200 KG

    Travel speed

    1.5 KM/H


    28 %

    Turning radius

    3.2 m

    Overall weight

    2990 0kg

    Jacking dimension

    4.85 m×4.00 m


    Engine+Electric motor

    Wind speed


  • Work Diagram