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 Working Height:52 m

 Lift Capacity:200 kg

 Lateral Outreach:17 m

 Dimensions:9.3x1.25x2.15 m

 Overall Weight:13500 kg

 Brand:Falcon lifts

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  • Product Description

    The tallest compact platform in the world is the Falcon Spider Lift FS520C! Users of the Falcon Spider lift truck series value the lift truck's small design, flexibility, low weight, maximum range, and safety in their daily job. With characteristics that top the industry, the Falcon Spider Lift FS520C is an original Falcon Spider elevator. The Falcon Spider Lifter FS520C boasts a 4-track design and an operating height of 52 meters. Since its creation in the 1970s, the Falcon Spider has undergone continuous development and refinement to produce increasingly useful designs.

    52米 蜘蛛车

  • Standard Features
    • Facility management

    • Atrium access

    • Narrow access

    • Best quality & safety

    • Double jib system

    • Easy transport & propelling

    • Low weight & ground pressure

    • Need for flexible outrigger

    • Limited setup space

    • Power – Bi-energy Hybrid

  • Datasheet

  • Work Diagram