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Project:Hefei CR Mixc World - Falcon FS520C

The Hefei CR Mixc World project, the 8th of its kind by China Resources Land nationwide, has been committed to establishing a new international commercial platform since its commencement in August 2011. Scheduled to open in the second half of 2014, this project is set to become a new landmark in Hefei, bringing international high-end consumption and lifestyle experiences to the people of Hefei and the entire Anhui province.

After a series of proposals, negotiations, communications, and reviews, Hefei Mixc World finally selected Yacontee as the sole supplier for its spider-type aerial work platform project, choosing the Danish Falcon's FS520C as a key equipment. The introduction of this aerial work platform signifies Mixc World's recognition of high-end technology and safety standards.

The Hefei CR Mixc World, an urban complex project, covers a total construction area of about 330,000 square meters, which includes 180,000 square meters of commercial space and 200,000 square meters of the international 5A-grade China Resources Tower (including the ultra-five-star Grand Hyatt Hefei). Additionally, it offers about 3,000 parking spaces, both above and underground. This complex will integrate shopping, leisure, office, hotel, dining, and entertainment, becoming a significant commercial and cultural center in Hefei.

The application of FS520C in the Hefei CR Mixc World project has played a pivotal role. Its advanced technology and outstanding performance not only enhanced construction efficiency but also ensured the safety of the workforce. As the supplier, Yacontee's high-quality products and services have contributed significantly to the construction of Hefei CR Mixc World.